matwm2 is a simple window manager for X11. It features window frames with titlebar and buttons, configurable key bindings and mouse buttons, support for EWMH and motif hints, focus-follows-mouse and click-to-focus focus models, virtual desktops, Xft fonts and xinerama support.

It is written in C, it is mostly valid ISO C90 but uses several libc functions and system calls not specified by the ISO C90 standard (signal(), pipe(), setenv(), waitpid(), and (optionally) vfork() (exept vfork() these are specified by the POSIX standard) - forgive me if i forgot one).

To compile matwm you need an implementation of sh that can run my configure script, pkg-config, Xlib, a working C compiler that and whatever implementation of libc that provides all of the functions matwm needs.

matwm2 has been succesfully compiled and tested on FreeBSD, Linux, OpenBSD, DragonflyBSD, NetBSD, Interix and OpenSolaris (For FreeBSD and Linux it has been tested on both x86 and x86_64 architecture and it has also been reported to work on 32-bit PowerPC Linux, all other operating systems were tested on x86. For x86_64 FreeBSD both the clang and gcc compiler have been tested, for x86 Linux both gcc and tcc have been tested, and for other platforms only gcc was tested yet). If you have succesfully compiled and ran it on another operating system (or with another compiler) or have problems getting it to work on your system let me know.

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